The cast

Julian started his filmmaking journey behind
the camera until the day he was forced to
play the lead role in the first short film he
ever wrote. He’s been in love with the art
form ever since. After redirecting his focus
on becoming an actor, he has starred in a
number of short films and commercials across,
mostly in South Florida. He looks forward to
leading roles in both television and a feature

CJ is a successful professional, husband, and father, who is struggling with bi-polar disorder and substance abuse issues.

Teddy is CJ’s very successful and well connected Wall Street friend, who has the resources and connections to help Guy launch his political career.

Guy is CJ’s friend who has dreams of getting into the world of politics as a city council member for Baltimore, but needs some assistance.

The state trooper who found CJ after his wild night, which ended in a single-car accident that nearly claimed his life.